Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Best Buds

The other day me and my family were visiting my cousin and his parents. We spent the day hanging out, shopping and what-not. I really enjoy spending time with my brother and my cousin. The three of us are like brothers (my other cousin is our sister, and she's gone off to college in Florida). During the drive back to his house, my cousin turned to me and asked me something I wasn't expecting. He's the youngest of us three, with me being the oldest and my brother the middle one, and he's also biggest trouble maker of the group. Anyways, he turned to me and asked me a question that I wouldn't have expected from him. He asked "Do you think we'll ever grow apart?"
I paused for a second after listening.
I said back to him, "No way."
He smiled and said "Good."
After that, we talked about how we miss our cousin in Florida, and how all four of us are probably going to stay the best of friends throughout our lifetimes. But his question and satisfied answer really touched me and remind me that the most important people in my life are my family, and that they'll always be my best friends, no matter what. I'll never forget that moment.

This is a quick sketch I did today of me, my brother, and my cousin, sittin' on a bench in the snow. Its honestly not all that good, but they really mean a lot to me, so I felt like posting it.

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